Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor Frequently Asked Questions:

What is TasteWant Vouchers?

TasteWant Vouchers brings together the best food and drink related vouchers, offers and deals from around the globe.
Search TasteWant Vouchers by keyword, category or location, we specialise in helping you save money as well as discovering restaurants, food outlets, products, equipment and much more that you may not find anywhere else.

TasteWant Vouchers is a part of the TasteWant.com Brand (the global food discovery platform and social network).

TasteWant Vouchers is also an affordable way for business to generate new customers, visitors to their website or business and generate a new revenue stream (post a voucher today).

How do I use a voucher?

TasteWant Vouchers offers a wide range of food and drink related vouchers offers and deals. The most common voucher type are voucher codes or promotional codes. Simply copy the vouchers codes and use them on the particular websites that TasteWant Vouchers links out to.
There are also direct links to promotions where the code is not needed, clear instructions will be outlined on each voucher or promotion type.
TasteWant Vouchers also include vouchers that you will need to print and redeem at the stated location.

Refer to our Terms of Service for more details about the use of vouchers or any promotions on TasteWant Vouchers.

Can my Voucher be redeemed or swapped for a monetary equivalent?

No vouchers, offers, deals, promotions or any other offering on TasteWant Vouchers can NOT be redeemed or swapped for a monetary equivalent.

If I’m not happy with the outcome of using my voucher?

TasteWant will not be responsible for any outcome of using the vouchers or any offering on TasteWant Vouchers (please see our Terms of Service).

Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I post a voucher on TasteWant Vouchers?

TasteWant Vouchers is the ideal way to promote your business, generate new customers and create brand awareness. Not only will you be able to create your own store on TasteWant Vouchers and add your vouchers and offers, which will be seen by thousands of visitors, we will also promote your vouchers and brand on TasteWant.com the food discovery platform and social network, we will also include this across our social network profiles, generating you a large amount of awareness.

Which types of vouchers and deals can I add?

Discount codes, printable vouchers, sales and deal announcements.

How long will my voucher be displayed on TasteWant Vouchers?

You can set a start and finish date that works for you.

Can I delete/edit my vouchers?

Yes you can delete your vouchers by logging into your account.


Can I see statistics of my vouchers and how?

Yes you will be able to see live statistics of views, click’s and more on your vouchers on TasteWant Vouchers, these are found when you’re logged into your account.


How do I contact TasteWant?

Please email us at info@tastewant.com and we will try our best to get back to you asap to answer any questions you have.

Which type of products or services can I post vouchers for on TasteWant Vouchers?

We welcome vouchers, offers and promotions from all types of business, services and brands within the food and drink related industry, be this restaurants, bars, pubs, food outlets, food delivery services, home shopping, equipment, kitchenware and much more. If you do not see a category that fits your requirements please email us at info@tastewant.com and we will look to add this.

How will customers use the vouchers?

Users of TasteWant Vouchers have a number of ways to use/redeem the vouchers dependent on which type you post. Users can simply copy the vouchers codes and use them on the particular websites that you have specified.
There can also be direct links to promotions where a code is not needed, this is if you would like to simply promote a sale or promotion on your website.

TasteWant Vouchers also include vouchers that you will need to print and redeem at the stated location, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to process the printed voucher at their particular location, TasteWant Vouchers will take no responsibility of any miss use of printed vouchers and it is the advertisers responsibility to state the full terms and conditions of using such printed vouchers or any other time of voucher or promotion on TasteWant Vouchers. Please also see our Terms of Service.