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  • 2nd July 2016
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Limited Time: Post your Vouchers FREE!

We would love every food and drink related business to try TasteWant Vouchers therefore we are giving every company the opportunity to post one free voucher on TasteWant Vouchers. We’ve only just launched TasteWant Vouchers so we’re looking for some awesome food and drink related business to post their vouchers, offers and promotions for free!

Simply register and start posting your vouchers (we will just need to moderate your voucher), there is no contract or commitment to carry on using TasteWant Vouchers, we are just looking to build a large community of companies who would like to take advantage of the power of vouchers to drive new customers to their business and increase customer retention.

We will also promote your vouchers on TasteWant the global food discovery platform and social network, as well as across all of our social media profiles

Register your company today and post your first voucher free!


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